AI vs. StoryBrand

Feb 27, 2023

Are the Machines Taking Over?

Artificial intelligence (AI) and StoryBrand have become popular strategies in the digital marketing world. While both are designed to boost web traffic, lead generation, and sales by improving customer engagement, each approach has its own unique benefits and limitations that you should consider when deciding which is best for your brand.

In case you’re wondering, that first paragraph was initially written by a ChatGPT tool but heavily edited for clarity and accuracy by a human. While AI can be useful when staring at a blank page, it still requires a reality check and wordsmithing to match your own unique voice. It’s helpful as a starting point, but at this stage of the technology, it’s ideal to let it prime your writing pump, then follow it up with fine tuning.

Quantity vs. Quality

It’s reminiscent of the legendary story of John Henry vs. a machine. Granted, we’re in the early phases of AI, and it will inevitably improve, but for now the key differentiator is that AI delivers quantity, whereas StoryBrand delivers quality. AI is very useful for creating large quantities of text by predicting and stringing together words based on mountains of data. But do we need more words or the right ones?  It could be argued that StoryBrand still has the advantage because no one is looking for more words to read. In fact, we tend to avoid longer emails and communications as evidenced by the popularity of the TL;DR acronym and “read time” estimates on articles.

Clarity is King

No one reads websites anymore. We scan them. The average searcher spends fewer than 6 seconds when evaluating whether a website offers a solution to their problem. They’re more likely to stick around on a website that succinctly addresses the problem and offers a solution.


If You Confuse, You’ll Lose

It’s not more words, but the right ones that win the battle for attention span. People buy products & services only after reading the words that make them want to buy them. Clarifying your marketing message is key to conversions and customers, so keep the viewer in mind when you create your marketing content.